A Tailored Approach

Experienced tutors and industry collaborators design and collectively support the learning and development plan for the whole student, whether it be academic, socio-emotional, executive functioning and life skills, or physical and mental well-being.

New School Rules

Monarque Tutoring strongly believes learning and development to be an interactive, lifelong process, in which schools, parents and local youth-focused organizations play an important role. Through a more holistic, collaborative approach between those who assume this responsibility, we can collectively and more effectively equip youth with the knowledge, skills, tools and strategies to succeed both inside and outside the classroom.


Get paired with the perfect tutor and let them take you under their wing.

We aim to establish meaningful connections between tutor and student and to fuse academic knowledge with critical life skills to support a student’s transition to adulthood.



Certified teachers, teachers in training, teacher assistants, Masters students, top of class undergraduates and domain experts. An experienced team that exudes professionalism and strong interpersonal skills.


Each tutor goes through a rigorous onboarding process including a criminal background check, regular in-person training and 1:1 feedback; to ensure clients have a consistent experience from tutor to tutor.


Our tutors are connected to their student’s context, given access to their academic tools and show-up to tutoring sessions with supplemental teaching material, when required.


We offer a holistic approach where the student is supported in all the areas where they learn and develop. Whether it be academics, critical life skills, sports or music, our diverse team of passionate tutors, teachers and coaches are here to support your family by building confidence and making learning fun!


Sports Masterclasses

Tailored private or semi-private lessons that allow each aspiring athlete to quickly acquire the skills needed to gain confidence and reach the next level of mastery in their selected sport.


Page Turners Camp

A dynamic program, grounded in educational research, aimed to develop positive reading motivation and storytelling skills through hands-on activities and workshops in reading, writing, movie making, graphic art and theater.

Nouvel Horizon

French Camp

An immersive French experience dedicated to expanding a child’s horizons by building a solid foundation of the French language, both written and spoken, and infusing it with hands-on practical learning and age-appropriate life skill development, all in the context of summertime fun!


Academic Curriculum

Incremental teaching, enrichment and homework support for school curriculum, underpinned by a set of cognitive learning tools and approaches that help to develop autonomous learners.


Executive Functioning

A foundational toolkit that unlocks the ability to multi-task, plan, schedule, set goals, self-monitor and remain organized.


Life Skills

Coaching on a set of skills considered critical for youth to become independent, confident, self-aware adults who are prepared for the professional world.


We are a diverse team of high-achieving, passionate students, teachers and specialists offering unique learning and development experiences to our students.


We offer a high-touch, holistic approach to tutoring in true collaboration with schools and parents, where each session is tailor-made to the student, based on their unique character, learning style, school context and goals.


The Perfect Fit

Through an in-depth, confidential discussion with parents and schools, we quickly find the ideal fit with tutor and develop a tailored learning plan to maximize impact for every student.


We come to you and work according to your schedule. Whether it be regular weekly sessions or last minute needs, we will be there when and where you need us to be.


Preparing youth for the world of tomorrow takes a village. We aim to work alongside and bridge the gaps between the existing pillars of a student’s education, in order to collectively address challenges and meet goals.


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It’s a story rooted in friendship, a deep love for children, with a big dose of passion… and a promise to never again utter the words “I have to go to work”.


We are community players, with a vision to build a more holistic approach to learning and development, in true collaboration with schools, parents and other youth-focused industry experts.

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