Summer Camp

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Providing families with a safe alternative to crowded summer day camps through private, small group at-home camp programming. An early childhood educator or an experienced camp counselor is dedicated exclusively to a select group of 3-4 kids.

With a family’s home, backyard and surrounding neighborhood as the backdrop for the camp, the counselor leads the group through a daily 5 hour program of cooperative games and challenge-based activities rooted in sport, music, art and science.



Challenge-based & co-operative

It is not about winning, but rather accomplishing a task or objective as a group, learning transferable skills such as communication and teamwork while doing so.



The counsellor is a facilitator and guide to the group as they navigate team dynamics and roles and acquire new skills at their own pace.


Building Blocks

For families who choose a multi-week program, the schedule remains the same, but the skill-level required to achieve the objectives of each activity is elevated, allowing for the incremental development of key skills and techniques.


The group recognizes and celebrates each member with badges honoring the skills acquired each week and behaviours demonstrated such as bravery, determination and kindness.


Weekly theme & events

An age-appropriate theme weaves a common thread through each activity and allows kids to acquire cross-contextual knowledge of the theme and associated topics.


Move, Listen, Create, Build classes

If the group is interested in developing targeted expertise or skills in areas such as dance, karate, swimming, yoga, music or robotics/coding we have professionals who come in to complement the counselor and offer a deeper dive class, which can be added to the schedule once or multiple times per week.



1. Form a small group of neighbors, cousins or friends who are close in age.


2. Pick the host house as your camp.


3. Tailor the weekly program.


4. Choose the perfect camp counselor.


5. Site visit and house rules are established with host family.


Group of 3
$95 / child
Group of 4
$85 / child

*Move, Listen, Create, Build classes are extra and prices vary depending on the selected expert

*Summer camp program qualifies as a tax deductible child care expense.


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