Alexander N.

English, French, History, Math, Science, Philosophy, Political Science, Executive Functioning, Life Skills

Alex is a 3rd year law student at Université de Montréal, with an interest in business and corporate law. Prior to choosing a career in law, Alex completed health sciences at Dawson College where he aspired to become a doctor. Alex attended both elementary and high school at Selwyn House School in Westmount where he not only excelled academically (graduating Cum Laude), but was also named to the Sportsman’s guild in his graduating year for his contributions in football, hockey and rugby as an elite athlete. Alex is a die-hard Canadiens hockey fan and a passionate Cowboys football supporter. Alex believes that the tutoring environment should be best adapted to each specific student, and has no issue if the student wants to play music, wear their PJ’s or eat popcorn during the session, as long as they promise to be effective and concentrate to the best of their abilities. As a tutor, Alex makes sure that the students are ready for their upcoming exams by ensuring comprehension, maximizing organizational skills and re-enforcing effective time management. Alex started tutoring in grade 9, as a part of the Big Brother Program at Selwyn to fulfill volunteer hours, and he has been doing it ever since. Alex is comfortable in all high school subjects, in both french and english.