Alexandra S.

English, History, Math, Philosophy, Reading, Writing, Humanities, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, CEGEP, Grade 12, Learning Disabilities, Organization, Time Management, Interview Prep, Negotiation, Yoga

Alex is a critical thinker and analytical problem solver who is passionate about breaking down systemic social, economic, and academic barriers in education. She has diverse experience working with primary, elementary, and secondary aged students, and is particularly interested in working with marginalized and special needs individuals. Alex graduated from Western University in 2017 on the Dean’s List with a BA in Information in Media Studies. She then went on to McGill and obtained a Master’s in Education, where she received a scholarship for being a top 10 applicant to her graduate program of more than 300 people. Through her Master’s thesis research, Alex had the opportunity to run a large qualitative study on alternative schools for marginalized students. Alex now works at Summit School, which supports students with various cognitive, emotional, behavioural, and psychiatric needs that require an alternative school setting. With seven years of higher education and three academic publications under her belt, Alex specializes in Social Sciences, English Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Humanities, ERC, Visual Arts, and Media and Technology studies. Alex has also honed practical skills like personal and professional development, organizational skills, time management, and interview preparation. Alex takes an anti-oppressive approach by implementing Socratic, critical, and culturally responsive pedagogies in her teaching methods. She facilitates making connections with her students through an anti-authoritative approach and believes that teaching and learning should be an equitable exchange. Alex is passionate about curricular reform and ensuring that students can see themselves in what they are learning.