Alexia S.

French, FSL, Reading, Writing, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Learning Disabilities

Alexia is a versatile tutor who is committed to developing the autonomy and enthusiasm of learning to her students as they progress through school. The school environment is an important part in achieving professional development. After having been a babysitter and a French tutor, Alexia moved to the field of psychology and linguistics which provided an opportunity to tutor in the Center de Fluidity Verbal de Montréal and become an educator at Dysphasie Plus de Montréal. Motivating children by tailoring learning activities to their interests, while encouraging them to develop language, are her greatest passions. This year Alexia decided to pursue this interest through education. At the end of her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Linguistics at the University of Montreal, she entered the graduate cycle at UQAM in intervention, to support students with a behavioral disorder. This has allowed her to acquire valuable skills in communication, openness, collaboration and the creation of educational relationships. Indeed, the essential role of empathy and patience in the development and academic success of children is what struck her most during her professional and university experiences. She wishes to develop a love of learning by offering her students stimulating activities adapted to their academic and personal needs.