Andrew N.

English, Philosophy, ESL, Humanities, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, CEGEP, Grade 12, Time Management

Andrew is a second year Communications student at Concordia University. In his spare time, he freelances as a photographer, graphic designer and generative artist (for which he is currently learning HTML, CSS, GLSL and Javascript). Beyond this, he has also co-founded a local non-profit art collective named Inversions, hosting numerous art galleries for emerging painters, sculptors, new-media artists and others in prestigious spaces such as L’Eloi. An avid self-taught creative and passionate learner, Andrew has developed a number of strategies throughout the years for helping optimize time management, analytical de-briefing and ideation. In university, his anthropological essay about Korean religiosity has been selected among 600 other students as an exceptional reference for future years for its incisive and thought-provoking insights. His recent research on subculture deviance and censorship in the UK has been selected for academic publication consideration in his department. All the while, he has this year been invited to Concordia’s Golden Key Society. Learning to curate an open and encouraging relationship with one’s self has been crucial for Andrew in his approach to balancing creativity and academia. He believes that patience and vulnerability are essential to learning and hopes to translate this throughout his lessons through a light-spirited, respectful and focused demeanour.