Angel Z.

Personal Training, Karate Certified functional strength coach and head coach at Adrenaline Performance Center, Ángel (“An-hell”) Zazo is in constant search of the most effective and innovative forms of training. Whether it be his creative design to tailored training programs or his lively strength and conditioning circuits, he is devoted to keeping his students smiling and to helping them achieve their goals. He takes great pride ensuring his sessions are fun, challenging and novel. Angel grew up in the Dominican Republic where he practiced many sports and developed a passion for understanding the human body. Before moving to Canada, he taught physical education, Shito Ryu Karate and self defense, achieving a 3rd degree black belt in both disciplines. Now, living in Canada, he has developed his career in the fitness world as a personal trainer, under the mentorship of Jonathan Chaimberg. He is a strength and conditioning coach for professional soccer players from MLS, CPL and LDF and is part of the training camp for former UFC fighter Alex “The Dominican Nightmare” Garcia. Ángel is looking forward to working with student athletes seeking to make competitive sports a part of their academic career.