Angela P.

English, French, Elementary, Learning Disabilities, Organization, Time Management

Angela has been teaching for the English Montreal School Board since 1991. Her specialties include French, English, Math, Science and History. Angela earned her certificate in Education in French from UQAM and her BA in Languages from McGill University. Angela has worked with a diverse range of students, including those experiencing difficulties such as ADHD and learning processing disorders. Her approach is one that exudes patience and engages her students as active learners throughout the lesson, recognizing that not all students learn in the same way. She has always had a passion for education and feels as though it is the most rewarding profession in the world. She feels privileged to be able to plant the seeds of learning and watch her students flourish and grow. Having a family of her own, she appreciates the inquisitive mind and does everything she can to encourage her students to keep asking questions and searching for answers. Angela is perfectly bilingual.