Bahia F.


Bahia has been a French teacher for the last 10 years. She holds both a Masters in International Relations and a Bachelors in Language and Communication Sciences and has taught French in many different educational settings including embassies, cultural centers and schools, both online and in-person, to a wide variety of student profiles. Given these diverse experiences she has been able to hone her linguistic skills and evolve as a teacher in a multicultural environment. Currently, Bahia teaches french to both professionals, students and those who are simply curious about the language. She goes above and beyond to build and plan lessons that best fit with the profile and personality of her students. Her approach? She is progressive, but above all communicative and ensures that playfulness and a 2-way communication are foundational in her lessons. In addition to formal teaching, Bahia also leads various educational and cultural workshops for teenagers and adults, in order to reinforce their oral expression and to promote French-speaking cultures.