Camille G.

English, French, History, Geography, Math, Reading, Writing, Psychology, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Learning Disabilities, Organization, Time Management, Interview Prep, Presentation Skills

A master’s student in speech-language pathology at McGill University, Camille wants to devote her career to helping children with language and academic difficulties. She completed a B.A. in Psychology and Linguistics at the University of Ottawa where she received the silver medal for the second best GPA of her faculty as well as the best GPA of her program. Over the years, she has developed effective study techniques, as well as good organizational skills. Camille always kept up an active lifestyle throughout her studies by practicing sports daily. She runs, cycles, does river surfing and is a passionate yogi. In fact, she became a certified yoga teacher last year. She hopes to share her love for physical activities and promote a healthy lifestyle. Various professional experiences with children, such as camp counsellor and substitute teacher in elementary schools, have made her a qualified tutor to support children in their learning. Devoted, Camille is a 100 % involved in order to provide the best to her clients.