Celine T.

French, Math, Science, Biology, Middle School, Secondary

Celine is in her third year of pursuing a Bachelors in Rehabilitation Sciences in Occupational Therapy, with the intention to do her Masters in the same field. She has achieved a near perfect GPA of 3.8/4.0 and, as a result, has been sought after by peers and the University to play the role of Tutor and Teacher’s Assistant. She has a strong command of all high school math, including Calculus and linear algebra, as well as Chemistry and Biology.  As a complement to her educational pursuits, she taught anatomy to pre-masters students throughout the summer. She is not only smart, but understands how to organize materials, set study schedules and take effective notes in order to set herself and others up for success and ensure true comprehension of the material. She is perfectly bilingual in French and English, both written and oral.