Claire-Marine T.

Math, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, CEGEP

Claire-Marine is a science teacher with experience in both the elementary and high school settings. She has worked as a science activity coordinator and as substitute teacher in elementary schools. She is a graduate of the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning at McGill University specializing in high school science education during which she received the Phyllis Shapiro Award to recognize her excellence in teaching. Claire-Marine is passionate about making learning fun, accessible and authentic by involving curiosity, creativity and hands on activities. As a National Geographic Educator, she creates learning activities that connect the student to the world around them and tie together knowledge and skills from different fields. From her interdisciplinary experience completing a BSc. in Physiology and Mathematics at McGill University, she can answer questions such as “When would I ever use this?” and create a meaningful learning experience. Claire-Marine is a very patient and warm person. She loves tutoring as it allows her to connect one on one with students. She is invested in her students’ success and works with them to achieve their goals. Together, they build the students’ confidence and find ways to make learning fun, as it should be! Being bilingual, she is comfortable teaching in both French and English. In her spare time, you will find her taking care of her plants, travelling or painting.