Clément L.

English, French, Math, Biology, Sports, Swimming

Clément is currently completing his second Master’s degree at UQAM in Destination Management and Tourism Development. He has extensive experience in superior studies, effectively studying hard science and social science to obtain multiple diplomas. He holds a Bachelor of Biology from the European Institute for Marine Studies in France and then relocated to Norway to continue his studies. it is there that he completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Tourism studies at the University of Tromsø.. Clément is animated with an undying passion for sports and personal development. He has coached students that struggled with presentation skills and discipline at the University of Tromsø, as well as taking on the role of a professional swimming coach throughout his studies. Commended for his thesis by many specialists in his field, he is a capable academic writer and has integrated the discipline required to be a high-level athlete into his academic studies. Clement puts a strong emphasis on making the activities fun and adapting to every young student’s needs and/or capacities. He brings a lot of energy and a positive attitude to all his endeavours and always tries to learn something from his experiences.