Dean F.

Math, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, CEGEP, Grade 12, Coding

Dean is an undergraduate in Physics at Concordia University with a minor in Computer Science. He is currently completing a project on Artificial Intelligence with Quantum Computing. Throughout his academic career he was able to aid and support other students in his class, which made him develop the satisfaction for helping others succeed. Over the past 3 years, he was able to give noticeable improvements to students ranging from elementary to university level in mathematics and physics. When Dean is not tutoring, he is actively improving his arithmetic and understanding of various mathematical disciplines as well as the philosophy of the topics. During a typical session with Dean, a brief summary of the current topics will be reviewed with key concepts emphasized followed up by practice problems regarding the topic. Dean is prepared to pass on his knowledge to his students and prepare them to succeed in their academic career.