Ellia B.

Math, Calculus, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Middle School, Secondary, CEGEP, Grade 12

Ellia is currently completing her Bachelor of Science at Concordia University and has always been an enthusiastic learner and high academic achiever, earning scholarships and recognition at various points in her studies. For the past 5 years, Ellia has been able to extend her passion for learning and development outside of her own studies, as a volunteer and a tutor. She has tutored students from Grade 5 to University, through tutoring clubs, peer tutoring as well as privately with friends and family, supporting them in all High School Maths and Sciences, as well as higher level Physics, Calculus, Chemistry and Biology. Through these experiences, she has been able to learn through the children and teens whom she supports. She treats each student with respect, prioritizing their unique needs and interests and taking into account their specific expectations and opinions about what they are learning. She sees her job as a tutor as one where she shares her knowledge to enrich what a student is already capable of and helps to develop their self-esteem and motivation to learn. Ellia will always keep time/space open for students to ask questions and to solidy the content by bringing additional resources, videos, activities and creating supplemental written or verbal quizzes.