Emma S.

French, Math, Science, Biology, ESL , FSL, Reading, Writing, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Organization, Time Management

Emma is in her 3rd year of pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences, with a specialization in Ecology, at Concordia University.  She was born in France where she spent the majority of her life, before moving to New York at the age of 16, then on to Montreal for University. As a result of her various international experiences, Emma has always been comfortable adapting to diverse environments and people. She is very open, loves meeting new people and discovering new cultures through her travels.  Over the past few years, Emma was the preferred babysitter and tutor of the French community in Mamaroneck, in New York.  Throughout her experiences, she was always enriched by the energy that children demonstrate when playing and learning and has, therefore, developed a passion for teaching.  In pursuing this passion, she became a snowboard instructor for children of all ages. Her ability to connect with children on the slopes easily translates to her tutoring sessions. Whether she is providing homework help or in teaching the french language, Emma is able to adapt her teaching to the needs of each student and works hard to ensure her lessons are interactive so that students can truly understand and apply the different concepts, while having fun!  Emma is looking to share her passion and enthusiasm to ensure her students are not discouraged when facing difficult material. Eventually, Emma is looking forward to becoming a Biology teacher.