George K.

English, French, Math, Calculus, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary

George is an accomplished Science, Letters and Arts student with a passion for learning through creative outlets. When George began high school, he was at the bottom of his class. Through hard work and perseverance, George graduated high school with honors in all of his classes and as valedictorian. George’s personal academic experience provides him with first hand experience and insight that allows him to truly understand what his students require to succeed and thrive in their own academic journey. George is also passionate about giving back to his community and activism and has led various projects for international organizations including Amnesty International and Oxfam Canada. As a tutor, George’s main goal is to instill a passion for learning in his students through healthy communication and stimulating activities. George has been tutoring children and adolescents of all ages for 4 years. His experience has provided him with the necessary skills to approach his students with patience, positivity and consistency, all while constructively building up their confidence and creating a safe space where students feel comfortable to ask questions.