Hadi F.

Physics, Secondary, CEGEP  

Hadi is a third-year Mechanical engineering student at Concordia University who has been tutoring math and physics since his first 1 year at Vanier College. Over the course of his tutoring experiences, he has been able to identify effective tips and tricks that have proven to maximize the effectiveness of his students’ studying and comprehension. He had always been told that he was very good at simplifying complicated material and when a friend in CEGEP  asked him for help in Calculus and he worked with her to turn a failing grade into an A+, he was extre mely motivated to help others achieve the same results. 5 years later, he now tutors Calculus 1, 2, 3, Mechanics and Physics with Monarque Tutoring.  Hadi has a true passion for design work; he is a valued Teacher’s Assistant for Concordia’s Mechanical Design class and is hoping to pursue a career as an HVAC engineer at Dell.