Halley M.

Economics, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Middle School, Secondary, CEGEP, Grade 12, Organization, Time Management, Personal Finance

Halley is currently studying at Concordia University, working towards completing her Bachelor’s of Arts, Major in Economics. In addition to being a student, Halley is an entrepreneur. She co-founded her start-up company in January of 2018 and completed three stages of an accelerator in Montreal, through which her company finished top 3 out of 20. Halley was in charge of running the operations and now understands the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. She understands how to start from an idea or a problem and bring it to the stage of seeking investment and strategy.  Her drive and passion for new inventions and creations is unparalleled. In addition to being a student and an entrepreneur; Halley loves tutoring. She was an English tutor for children and working professionals, specializing in conversational English. Halley has a passion for helping others, whether it be creating a safe non-judgmental space for one to gain confidence or sharing her experiences and teaching others the lessons and skills she has learned through school and entrepreneurship. Her bright personality and driven spirit for education allow her to support any student in creating and achieving their personal goals.