Jacqueline A.

English, History, Geography, Math, ESL , Reading, Writing, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary

Jacqueline is currently an English Second Language teacher at Ecole Maimonide, teaching elementary classes from Kindergarten to Grade 4, as well as Secondary 1 and 2. She graduated from McGill University in June 2017, earning a Bachelor’s of Education in Secondary Social Sciences. Her teaching specialty is History and Ethics and Religious Culture. She decided to enter the teaching profession because she has always loved working with youth, but also wanted to share her passion for history. Jacqueline strongly believes that education is key to the betterment of society and that effective and inspirational educators are vital in motivating future generations. She also believes that an educator has an important role in helping students achieve their potential. Creating an inclusive environment that is able to meet diverse needs and deeply understanding students strengths and interests are vital for optimal learning and motivation. Currently, Jacqueline is pursuing a graduate diploma in Instructional Technology at Concordia University. Her goal is to improve and adapt her skills to being able to create interesting and engaging learning programs.