James H.

Math, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Middle School, Secondary, CEGEP, Grade 12, Music

For James, time is of the utmost importance and it is for this reason that he has chosen to specialise in a subject that allows him to better organize his time: Mathematics. Rigor and optimization are the two main values that he keeps closest to him during his teaching and as he studies to be a Math teacher at the University of Montreal (UQAM). His education and field experiences have allowed James to formally develop tools in his Mathematician’s arsenal, which have helped him make math more accessible for his students. With a strong foundation academically, he is now developing his pedagogical skills, allowing him the versatility to succeed in various facets of his domain of expertise. His goal as a teacher is to guide the student towards success and his expertise is to focus on each individual’s difficulties and identify the type of learner he is working with, all while creating a fun and productive learning environment. This ensures a more personalized and results oriented service. His approach is inspired by other disciplines, namely, music. As a disciplined musician and percussionist, he has also extended his teaching into this domain. He also uses music to render previously problematic concepts more intuitive.