Joshua T.

English, Math, Calculus, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, ESL , Reading, Writing, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, CEGEP, Grade 12

Joshua completed a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology. He is currently in the process of applying to Master’s programs at McGill University all the while doing freelance photography. After graduating with an honorary distinction from West Island College, he attended Vanier College and graduated with a DEC in health sciences. He has worked for seven years as a tutor, both independently as well as for various organizations. Over the years, he has had the pleasure of garnering extensive pedagogy experience, having spent a great deal of time working with children and teenagers of various backgrounds and grade levels. He has also worked as a counsellor and supervisor at YCC, a sleepaway camp located in Quebec. In addition to tutoring, Josh has found a great deal of success in various business and creative ventures, which has taught him a great deal, leaving him with skills and perspectives which he finds great pleasure in sharing with others.