Karen N.

English, History, Secondary School

Karen holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Concordia University. For the past 10 years, since graduating, she has embedded herself in schools, as a Special Ed Technician, and tutored students from all grade levels, across multiple subjects, including Science, History, English and French. As an in-class aide, Karen has gained a wealth of experience supporting students with behavioural issues and special needs and in building modified and adapted curriculum. Through her tutoring and in-school experience, she has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with the Quebec Sec 4 and 5 ministry exams in History and English. Karen has tutored privately as well as in a learning center, through which she has successfully prepared students for their exams and integrated new immigrants into the Canadian school system.  Due to Karen’s love for the written and spoken word, she spent 2 years as a communications officer at CBC Radio and is a freelance ghostwriter for various websites and blogs.