Katherine M.


Katherine is a graduate of distinction from Concordia University in Early Childhood Elementary Education where she received her brevet in teaching. Her passion for teaching drove her to seek a deeper understanding of the young learner by completing her certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). This provided the opportunity to venture overseas for one year to teach at the Canadian international school of Thailand, where she helped establish, create and teach the IB program for the newly created pre-Kindergarten classroom. Katherine is fluently bilingual and has completed her DALF certification to be recognized as a full time teacher in French in Quebec. Since 2019, she has taught Kindergarten in French and continues to focus and teach at this grade level. She loves teaching children how to explore what it means to grow and what it truly means to be a child, by touching on many aspects of cross curricular activities (art, science, numeracy and literacy). Katherine loves to incorporate singing and movement into her lessons and brings her bright personality into everything that she does. She believes strongly that giving her best efforts will inspire her students to do the same!