Krishan M.

Math, Linear Algebra, Science, Physics, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, Organization, Time Management, Presentation Skills

Krishan is in the process of completing his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering at Concordia University. He has the skills and knowledge required to solve complex problems with simple methods that he has crafted and honed over the years through various tutoring mandates.  Krishan believes that good communication between the student and the mentor will lead to a greater learning experience.  He goes the extra mile to adapt the material according to the student’s interest and strives to develop a strong relationship so as to motivate and build confidence.  He does not believe in simply transferring information to the student, which will later be forgotten, but rather he wants to inspire the students to learn and achieve greatness.  Krishan is enthusiastic, energetic, curious and passionate about the content behind math, science, chemistry, and physics, and is capable of teaching fluently in both French and English.