Leah S.

Psychology, Learning Disabilities, Organization, Time Management, Interview Prep, Presentation Skills, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary

Leah is currently a Masters student studying Counselling Psychology at McGill University. She is dedicated to becoming a registered psychologist with the ambition of fostering a holistic sense of wellbeing in her clients. Through her work with neurotypically diverse children, youth, and adults at residential summer camps, elementary school, clinical research, and practicum training, she understands the impact academic functioning and life skill development has on a person’s self-esteem and confidence. In these settings, she has experience in cultivating executive functioning skills (including time management, organization, planning, task initiation and completion, goal setting, focusing, working memory) as well as life skill development (including presentations, interviews, CV writing, among others) with clients. Leah also has a thorough understanding of the learning challenges clients with ADHD and learning disabilities face as she has worked closely alongside school psychologists in private practice assisting with report writing and compiling evidence-based recommendations. Leah sees clients as individuals and takes a strengths-based and collaborative approach to learning. She believes empowerment is at the heart of skill development to make lasting change.