Lesley W.

English, French, ESL , FSL, Reading, Writing, Psychology, Homework, Elementary, Learning Disabilities

Lesley has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and years of experience working with students from various backgrounds. She is perfectly bilingual, teaching French, English and Math at the Elementary Level using various teaching and learning strategies tailored to each student’s needs. She also teaches French as a second language (FSL) and English as an additional language (EAL).  Lesley believes in an interactive approach to learning in order to engage students in their work and always ensures that their learning experience is fun and fulfilling. Lesley believes that students need to learn how to learn and be given strategies and tools in order to be academically successful. She has experience teaching children with various learning disabilities and processing disorders. Working with children with additional needs is her passion. As an educator, Lesley stresses that it is extremely important to boost her students’ confidence and self esteem, and celebrate any little progress or achievement.