Luca M.

Camp Leader

Luca is a recent graduate from Bishop’s University.  He now holds two Bachelor’s degrees – in educational studies and in elementary education with a minor in English.  He considers himself to be a lifelong learner and is always hungry to learn.  Throughout his student-teacher placements, he has developed a passion for integrating the natural world into his classroom through outdoor and place-based education.  He does so by leading activities and lessons revolving around sustainability, diversity and the history of our land. Luca was born and raised just outside the island of Montreal and spent his entire childhood exploring the abundance of nature and learning from experience, experimentation and failure.  He believes that failure is an essential part of success.  His educational aim is to pass on his love of the outdoors to his students in a more structured environment.  His passions include, but are not limited to, skiing, cycling, camping, hiking, kayaking, music, cooking & baking, literature and gardening.  As an Italo-Québécois, Luca is perfectly trilingual in English, French and Italian.