Melissa K.

French, Math, Economics, Middle School, Secondary, Organization, Time Management, Presentation Skills, Personal Finance

Melissa is a third-year student completing a degree in Corporate Finance at HEC, through which she has received numerous scholarships for excellency. She has taken and excelled at subjects from differential calculus to accounting and valuation, with a cumulative GPA of 4.0/4.3. Prior to University, she studied administration in CEGEP and applied sciences in High School. Currently in the Consulting Club at HEC and with four internships in the finance industry under her belt, she has acquired relevant knowledge and skills on how to create a network, to prepare oral presentations, master Excel and how to secure a job in the corporate world. As a high achieving student, she has been tutoring others in numerous subjects by simplifying complex material in digestible pieces and by teaching studying strategies, including note-taking, memorization tricks and time/stress management. Both her educational and career background have provided skills that would benefit students from first grade to college, school and life in general.  She is perfectly bilingual, but her mother tongue is french.