Mia D.

English, French, Math, ESL , FSL, Reading, Writing, Humanities, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, Foreign Languages, Italian, Public Speaking

Mia is currently completing a degree in English Literature at McGill University. Over the course of six years, she has accumulated a plethora of valuable experience in tutoring various subjects such as French, English, elementary math, history, etc. Speaking both English and French fluently, she is passionate about creating a comfortable and stimulating space where children can enjoyably expand their language abilities and confornt their academic insecurities. Mia has explored the intricacies of adapted and personalized learning in her own research. For Mia, there is no universal or single approach to teaching since every student is unique and demands a specialised learning experience. It is vital to foster a safe environment where students feel comfortable enough to express their own desires and concerns about their academic experience so the tutor may adapt accordingly. She is also interested in the development of critical thinking skills. Children are much more capable than they are often given credit for! With the proper guidance, they can develop a keen sense of reasoning and rational thought that aids in, not only their academic endeavours, but in their overall life skills and emotional maturity.