Miriam R.

English, French, Math, Reading, Writing, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Time Management, Presentation Skills

Miriam graduated from John Molson school of business in Supply Chain and Logistics. She was asked to become a Teacher’s Assistant by her former professor in University and quickly became passionate about teaching and helping students in difficulty. She pursued this passion by teaching students in both high school and elementary and becoming a tutor for the English Montreal School Board. She also tutored in French, English and Math on her own time. Miriam is also the founder of Mind Your Body MTL a comprehensive wellness initiative designed to maintain and improve student’s wellbeing by bringing a new perspective to health by emphasizing the mind and body connection. She worked closely with the English Montreal school board and a Sport-Etudes program in Lanaudière to develop the program. She is passionate about everything to do with fitness, mental strength and nutrition. Miriam understands that every student is different and will learn differently, she easily adapts to each one of her students and is determined to help them achieve their personal goals by creating a safe-space where students are motivated to interact. Her positive energy and passion make it easy for any student to bond with her and ensures an enjoyable and successful learning process.