Natan B.

French, Math, Reading, Writing, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, Negotiation, Presentation Skills

Natan is a young Belgian lawyer with a master’s degree in Business Law. His profession requires a great mastery of the French language and an ability to juggle grammar, conjugation and vocabulary. Teaching and sharing knowledge is a pleasure and a passion for him. In addition to French, Natan loves to help students with mathematics and can also share his experience with stress management and workload management to help students find more structure and optimize their time. Throughout his studies, Natan helped many students thrive in their classes and change their perspective on subjects with which they struggled. Natan has tutored students studying law as well as younger students from 10-18 years old, across a variety of subjects. Competitive at heart and a martial arts enthusiast, he tackles each student as a challenge. Always attentive, understanding and open minded, Natan will take the time to understand your needs and objectives.