Olivia A

Olivia has a Bachelor of Arts in Human Relations from Concordia University and is currently pursuing a Masters of Education. Her tutoring experience includes working for the English Montreal School Board supporting children of all ages who were unable to attend school due to an illness, disability, or injury and working at Westmount Park Elementary School teaching English. She also worked with Say Ca Circle of Support for Refugee Youth where she built a new mentoring program, which was successfully implemented across the organization. Olivia is perfectly bilingual and has been tutoring in both languages for 7 years and on a full-time basis for 4 years. Her students typically include elementary school children with learning disabilities, those requiring French as a Second Language support and those looking to ace high school entrance exams to get into the school of their choice. She is a highly sought-after tutor, supporting multiple students at school during the day and at home in the evenings. She builds a solid foundation of trust with her students, through a soft approach and by finding a delicate balance between teaching, listening and confidence building. Most importantly, she never forgets to inject a bit of fun into her sessions, through relevant games, art and music. In Olivia’s limited free time, you can find her working on developing a proprietary program aimed at social-emotional development and singing her heart out for anyone lucky enough to listen.