Paige T.

English, History, Geography, Math, Science, ESL , Reading, Writing, Homework, Elementary, Learning Disabilities

Paige is an elementary school teacher who earned her Bachelors of Education at Vancouver Island University in British Columbia. During her time at University, Paige was recognized for her academic achievement and commitment to study. She embraces the attitude of being a curious, life-long learner and hopes to inspire the same in her students. While she has worked as a substitute teacher in classes ranging from kindergarten to grade 12, her passion is in elementary schools, having most recently taught Grade 1. She enjoys connecting with her students and making learning engaging, hands on, and fun! Paige has experience working to support learners with diverse needs, including those on the Autism spectrum and with ADHD. She loves individualizing her practice to meet her students where they are in their learning journey, whether it be in reading/writing, English, Math, Science or Art. She believes that all students are capable of great success when provided with the right supports.