Eva B.

English, ESL, Reading, Writing, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, SSAT, PSAT, SAT

Eva is a fourth year student at McGill studying English Literature with minors in Education and Linguistics. She has a passion for working with children and is currently applying to Master’s programs in Education, in hopes of pursuing a career as a Secondary English teacher. Eva has tutored elementary students in various subjects, taught at an intensive SAT prep camp, and received her TEFL certification while teaching English at summer camps in Italy. Her work at summer camps focused largely on incorporating games and activities into lessons, providing her with first-hand experience that showed the impact that fun, engaging lesson plan had on learning. Her warm personality helps her build strong relationships with students based on mutual respect and communication. She believes that a key aspect of individualized tutoring is confidence building, by highlighting and solidifying what a student does well, and following that by a positive and constructive approach to what the student can improve on.  Eva is eager to share her expertise as it concerns the English language as well as SAT strategies.