Pierre C.

Math, Middle School

Pierre is an accomplished IT specialist with a breadth of knowledge developed over many years in his role at Apple, providing customer tech support. He previously graduated in Physics & Computer Science from McGill University, where he also participated in a peer tutoring program.  Pierre has an excellent grasp of complicated concepts in advanced Mathematics and draws useful real-world examples from his Physics background when trying to help others.  In addition to being a solid contributor in the establishment and growth of Monarque Tutoring, he currently works as a software engineer at a fast-growing Montreal technology company. He is ever interested in learning more about every topic and enjoys applying himself to solving problems and optimizing processes.   As a tutor, Pierre will tailor his approach to the needs of the student, making sure the foundations are solid in order to attain a better understanding of more advanced concepts.  He enjoys discussions about the stars, relishes sharing his tips and tricks about woodworking and can teach robots how to go bleep bloop in the night using his computer skills.