Ravi H.

Math, Calculus, Science, Physics, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, CEGEP, Grade 12, Sports, Soccer

Ravi is an adaptable tutor who always wants the best for his students. He takes great pride in helping with their academics and lives in general. Ravi received an Honours distinction in the Pure and Applied Sciences program at Dawson College for having an average above 85% in all his courses. At just six years old, he was completing extra Math homework because his parents and teachers noticed his deep interest in the subject. His love for math expanded into an appreciation for Physics, and his Mechanics course at Dawson sparked his interest in the Physics of our everyday lives. This interest has led him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the Co-op Mechanical Engineering program at Concordia University. He is a former soccer coach who loved seeing his players improve their technical and interpersonal teamwork skills. The same desire to help his players has carried into academic tutoring. His experiences coaching and tutoring over the past five years evolved into a passion for mentoring, making Ravi realize he wants teaching to be a part of his future career. Ravi is a sports fanatic as he enjoys watching sports and regularly plays soccer, badminton, and volleyball. He is a person who always strives for improvement and to be better in everything he does, whether it be school, sports, tutoring, or time management. In addition to providing a deep understanding of the subject material, his tutoring techniques include offering guidance to students on how to manage their time and study most efficiently.