Renata M.

English, French, Math, Science, ESL, FSL, Reading, Writing, Psychology, Homework, Elementary, Secondary, CEGEP, Learning Disabilities, Foreign Languages

Renata is in her final year of a Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology at McGill University. She is looking forward to graduating next year and having a long career in the field of speech therapy and language assessments. Renata has been tutoring for the past seven years in many settings for multiple age groups ranging from elementary to university.  She received a DEC in Modern Languages and a DEC in Music from Vanier College. She is proud to be the first student to have graduated in 2014 from their Double DEC program of Music & Languages, which is now a thriving program. Renata went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts in both Linguistics and Psychology at McGill University and got accepted to S-LP master’s programs across Canada. Her expertise, following years of higher education with a focus on psycholinguistics, language acquisition, child development, cognition, and neuroscience, makes her an ideal tutor for those with reading/writing difficulties, narrative difficulties, executive functioning difficulties, and anyone who needs a tailor-made tutoring service from an engaging and experienced tutor. Renata thrives on seeing a student genuinely begin to enjoy learning. She has developed a colour coding system to help with the complexities of grammar, and loves teaching this system to her students. She also loves to incorporate singing and theatre into her tutoring sessions if the student enjoys it. There is no better way to learn something challenging than to have some fun while doing so!