Samuel R.

Math, Calculus, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Middle School, Secondary, CEGEP, Grade 12

Sam is a devoted neuroscientist currently pursuing his Master’s degree at McGill University. After finishing CEGEP in the health science field and completing his Bachelor’s degree in physiology at McGill, he now spends his days in the lab working to understand the brain at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute. Sam’s neuroscience interests include advancing our understanding of mental illness with a keen focus on depression. Along the way, he has accumulated years worth of mathematical and biological expertise. Sam aspires to teach science to CEGEP students and motivate the next generation of scientists. Sam has worked for Dawson College as a tutor and has helped numerous students turn their strugglfes in biology and calculu, into concepts that make sense. Due to his rooted interests in education and pedagogy, he spent parts of his undergrad altering science course curriculums and supporting his professors’ approaches to teaching. Sam understands that the key to learning is not through the memorization of a textbook- it’s about having fun and loving what you learn! He understands that there are many different types of learners and will adapt his tutoring strategies to help his students in a way that is personally curated to their learning styles. From his rigorous pedagogical background, Sam knows how to engage students of all age groups and help them realize that the power to learn is in their hands.