Simon T.


Simon is a first year student in the Science program at John Abbott College. He started off as a lifeguard for private pools, where he quickly realized the importance of water safety. Simon then gave swimming lessons at the Civic Center of Dollard-des-Ormeaux while continuing his lifeguarding career. During the summer, he worked at an outdoor pool where he was coach of the swim team for kids 8 and under and participated in different competitions in local pools. He also gave swimming lessons to all ages from toddlers with parents to teenagers, and was a lifeguard throughout the day. Simon has the Swimming Instructor Certification as well as the National Lifeguard Certificate. His love for swimming started at a young age, and he is now passionate about teaching what he has learned to the upcoming generation. With fun games, songs and activities, each lesson is a new universe dedicated to each kid. Simon believes tin he utmost importance of water safety while maintaining a positive environment for everyone. Swimming is much more than just a sport for Simon; it is a lifelong ,beautiful journey.