Sophia F.

History, Geography, Secondary

Sophia has a Bachelor of Education from the university of McGill in Secondary Social Science, History and Geography. She started her journey in education at Dawson college, where she earned a DEC in Social Science with a Child Studies profile, in hopes of pursuing a Bachelor of Education for Secondary Math, due to her love for math and problem-solving.  Over the course of her studies, however, she developed a deep love for history as she became fascinated by stories of the past, which have served in shaping our societies and who we are today. Sophia’s interest in teaching stems originally from being a part of a big family where she helped educate her 4 younger siblings. At McGill, Sophia volunteered with Peace by Peace, a program to educate elementary students on conflict resolution strategies, as well as Right to Play, which encourages youth to stay physically active. In the summer of 2018, she taught English in Italy to children aged 7 to 14 and was certified to teach English as a foreign language through theater and play (TEFL-TP).   Throughout her time at Dawson and McGill, she has had many teaching experiences and has developed a plethora of skills as a professional educator. She currently works as a substitute teacher with the Lester B Pearson School Board where she has supported a variety of classes and programs, from enriched to pre-work. She has worked with naturally gifted students, to students with many personal issues and challenges as well as students who are less strong academically, but are highly motivated. She has enjoyed every type of student and every opportunity to pursue her passion for teaching. Some of her strengths include organization skills and connecting to people one-on-one as she is very approachable and open.