Sophia T.

Math, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Secondary, CEGEP

Sophia is currently studying to become a science communicator at McGill University. She is in her fifth year of completing her B.Sc. in Microbiology and Immunology with a minor in Communications. She has always been invested in STEM, completing every highest-level available STEM course in high school. In 2019, she was awarded the Science Scholar Award in recognition of her academic achievements and community service, including taking two college-level STEM courses during high school. In 2021, she took 5th place with her partner in the McGill SciComm Competition, which required not only immersive scientific literacy on the topic of air pollutants and their effect on the brain but also a fun, age-appropriate explanation of the topic to a fifth-grade reading level in the form of a children’s book. Sophia has also had the chance to work with several different age groups through her work as a Counselor-in-Training at several camps in California and as a personal tutor, ranging in ages from 7-19. She has most recently completed a research project at McGill University in investigating science education methods—specific to examination models—utilizing her knowledge of different active learning strategies and models. With her skills in science, communication, and working with different age levels, Sophia’s tutoring style is one that prioritizes solidifying ideas and concepts that best suit the student’s learning style. She takes on a problem-solving approach, while also finding ways to make studying fun and intuitive. Sophia will often make visuals or learning guides with students to drive their creative brains to absorb new material, while also helping students to adapt their own way of making learning materials for the future. When she has free time, Sophia enjoys painting on digital canvases and writing creative fiction.