Stella P.

English, French, Math, Science, Physics

Stella is currently studying Dentistry at McGill University. Previously, she completed a Health Sciences degree at Marianopolis College, graduating with the highest honors and earning the title of Marianopolis Scholar for her strong well-rounded academics, as well as an academic scholarship to McGill University. Stella discovered that she loves working with young people ever since she first supported primary school children through a program organized by her local library, in 2012. She then tutored secondary school students in a wide range of subjects, which allowed her to develop diverse interpersonal skills and gain diverse experiences. When it comes to tutoring, she has always adopted a very individual approach, attempting to understand the goals of each family as well as the student’s abilities and preferences before planning her lessons, and focusing on inquiry-based teaching. During her time at Marianopolis, Stella held the position of main executive of the Best Buddies Canada Marianopolis Chapter club, where she had the chance to work one-on-one with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, to whom she offered leadership and social development opportunities. Stella has also been a lifeguard and swim instructor at her local civic center for the past five years. She is fully trilingual, speaking Romanian, English, and French fluently.