Tamara N.

English, French, History, Geography, Math, Philosophy, ESL , FSL, Reading, Writing, Humanities, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, CEGEP, Grade 12, Learning Disabilities, Organization, Time Management, Interview Prep, Negotiation, Presentation Skills, Sewing

A published author and poet, Tamara’s writing can be found online on WestmountMag, Lantern Magazine, and The Lives of The South West, to name a few. During the day, Tamara teaches in CEGEP, Elementary, and High School settings and has done so since 2017. Prior to working in formal teaching settings, Tamara ran her own private tutoring service, through which she provided support to primary and secondary school learners. She holds a BA in Creative Writing (2018), and an MA in Education (2023) from Concordia University where she is currently finishing her Thesis. Tamara’s range of expertise spans — though is not limited to — early learners and the importance of play-based learning, executive functioning development, and second language acquisition, all through secondary and post-secondary levels of Education. With a passion for learning herself, Tamara is a warm-hearted and engaged individual who is capable of meeting any child or individual wherever they are in their learning. Aside from her scholastic pursuits, in her free time, Tamara has many personal passions that keep her active and inspired: some include running, long walks, cross-country skiing, skating, swimming, ceramics and sewing.