Tania D.

Yoga, Personal Training, Nutrition Tania is a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer and nutrition specialist. She has supported a wide range of clients and yoga students for over a decade, including teaching yoga to young figure skaters as an after-school program for Sport-Études in both elementary and high school.  Tania holds a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from HEC Montreal and uses the knowledge & experience acquired through her education to run her business, which includes hiking & yoga retreats and a yoga studio. Understanding the importance of continued education, Tania is regularly attending workshops and training programs in order to expand her knowledge and to provide relevant content to her students. She has traveled to the USA and to Italy to learn from world renown senior yoga teachers.  Her enthusiasm for yoga and fitness began when she noticed what a positive impact it could have on her life and mood. Both disciplines gave her the tools that she needed as a young working mother to achieve physical strength, emotional stability and confidence. Discipline, faith, courage, compassion, non-attachment and connection are just some of the principles that govern her work and on which her daily practice is founded. She is a woman of integrity, with a passion for yoga and fitness.