Walter J.

Math, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Homework, Secondary, CEGEP, Grade 12, Interview Prep, Presentation Skills, Coding

Walter is a multidisciplinary engineer with a passion for innovation and design. Walter holds a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from McGill where he researched software algorithms for acrobatic aerial robotics. Prior to this, he completed a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, where, upon graduation, he was awarded the University Medal for the highest GPA in his program. Walter has a variety of industry experience as an engineer, working on designing everything from robotic arms to novel biomedical devices. As a tutor, Walter leverages his experiences as a teaching assistant and an engineer to create engaging lessons for a variety of subjects. Walter’s personal enthusiasm for science, math, and engineering shines through his lessons, and he is eager to share his passion for these subjects.