Yara O.

Math, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Chemistry, Physics, Homework, Secondary, Grade 12

Yara is currently a master’s student pursuing her degree in Geotechnical Engineering at Concordia University, after having completed and excelled in her undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering. She has been listed on the Dean’s list for eight consecutive semesters. Due to her academic excellence and interpersonal skills, she was offered a role in tutoring her colleagues at University, within the Math and Physics Center,which then led to a more formal teaching assistantship program. Yara has also worked as a research assistant in during her undergraduate years and she has now taken this to a higher level by continuing her research throughout her master’s degree. Currently, she is working as a teaching assistant at school, focusing on Math, Physics and Engineering courses, for a diverse group of students. Yara’s philosophy revolves around Student Centered Individualized Learning (SCIL), which is a method that takes into account the unique needs, strengths and weaknesses of every student.  She uses this philosophy and her own flexibility to adapt the material and approach to each student’s learning style. As an outstanding student herself, who sometimes suffered as a result of her tutor/teacher’s teaching methods or difficult course content, she believes she has learned how best to add value to any student, within a diverse range of contexts and subjects.