Yseult G.

French, History, Geography, Math, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Homework, Elementary, Middle School, Secondary, CEGEP, Grade 12

Yseult Gibert is an enthusiastic and experienced tutor. After being ranked in the first decile of her school’s Cote Rs (GPA) and obtaining her French Scientific Baccalaureate degree with highest honours from the Collège International Marie de France in Montreal, she graduated from McGill University with a doctorate in Medicine. There, she discovered her passion for Global Health which led her to the Master’s in International Relations she is currently pursuing at Johns Hopkins University. Through her degrees she built a strong scientific and, more importantly, general knowledge base which has enabled her to be remarkably versatile in her teaching. Both her university and teaching experience has equipped her with the skillset and the mindset to teach a broad range of subjects and skills. She started tutoring at the age of 15 while studying at Marie de France and quickly realised how much she enjoyed helping her peers succeed in their studies. Since then, she has supported many students from Elementary school to CEGEP in various subject areas, including but not limited to math, biology, history, French, and the sciences. As a tutor, Yseult’s philosophy to achieving academic success has always been making learning relevant to students’ unique needs and interests as well as improving a students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, organizational skills and overall confidence. Her role as a tutor has also extended to extracurricular activities such as theater and soccer, through which she worked with children and teens to hone specific skills and act as a coach.