Move, Listen,
Create & Build

Tap into your senses, move your body and create something new.



Bringing the one-on-one tailored lesson to extracurriculars. Allowing students to explore their passions and hone their skills with expert teachers and professionals. Offered online or in-person, let us support your child in learning an instrument, exploring art across various mediums, getting stronger and more agile through personal training, karate and dance or, even, communicating with robots.




Develop body awareness, strength and technique in the areas of dance (ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, breakdancing), yoga, self-defense, gymnastics and personal training.



Develop your ear for music. Learn to play the violin, piano, guitar, bass or woodwind instruments, compose music, engage in music appreciation discussions to explore global cultures, styles and composers.


Using art to unleash creativity, build self-awareness and understand culture. Drawing, painting, mixed mediums to learn about colors and perspective or to help with creative brainstorming and writing.



Hands on experiments and research methods, website/app/video game programming and designing products for 3D printing, all with an aim to develop improved problem solving capabilities, iterative thinking skills and cognitive flexibility.


“My tutoring has been going super well! My tutor is very professional and was not only able to help me with my calculations, but also my overall confidence regarding math!”


Studying for his police aptitude test

“Professional Tutoring service providing excellent customer service and support. Monarque Tutoring provides individually tailored services to support each student’s unique needs.”


Director of Academics
Sacred Heart School

“Monarque tutoring goes beyond finding great tutors for my three children.  They provide exceptional service in assessing our needs, following up with regular progress reports, communicating with teachers when necessary and making sure my kids are planning ahead in order to avoid last minute stresses”.


Mom of 3 high-school students

“Tutoring with Monarque has been a great experience as it has allowed me to practice my teaching and tutoring skills in order to become a better teacher. I’ve been given the opportunity to tutor very different students, across different ages and abilities, which has challenged me and pushed me in many ways. I already feel more confident as a teacher and more in control of my professional schedule.”


Monarque Tutor
Teacher in training

“Monarque Tutoring are partners in my teenage children’s learning. They listen to their needs, make educated referrals to a wide variety of tutors and deliver their services in an honest, efficient and professional way. And on top of it all,  they are a pleasure to work with. Scheduling is easy and tutors are hardworking, qualified and motivated to help in the learning process. Care and customer service A+++– in a nutshell!”


Mother of 2 high-school students
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Academic Curriculum

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Executive Functioning

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Life Skills

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