A tailored learning experience
for the whole student

We believe that a child’s learning & development is the combination of academic expertise, transferable skills and overall physical and mental well-being. It is about the whole student and their distinct lifelong learning journey. Our tutoring services offer opportunities to develop any of these areas, all while working collaboratively with parents, schools and others who assume the same responsibility.

Academic Curriculum

Grade-level preparedness, remedial support, enrichment, homework help, homeschooling and standardized testing, all underpinned by a set of cognitive learning tools and approaches that help to develop autonomous learners.

Executive Functioning

A foundational toolkit that unlocks the ability to multi-task, plan, schedule, set goals, self-monitor and remain organized. Specialized support to work on strategies to address cognitive, behavioural and emotional difficulties.

Life Skills

Coaching on a set of skills considered critical for youth to become independent and equipped for the professional world and global landscape.

Mental and Physical Well-being

Ensuring students feel strong, confident and self-aware, with the ability to manage stress, reduce anxiety and engage in more cognitive learning.

Move, Listen,
Create & Build

In complement to academics, these masterclasses provide a more tactile, physical and creative experience. Our team includes top industry talent and veteran teachers in music, the fine arts, dance, sports training, yoga, self-defense, robotics and more.

Summer Camp

Cooperative games, challenge-based activities, sport, science, nature discovery and art through a small group, exclusive at-home summer camp, led by early childhood educators and experienced camp leaders.

Who benefits

Elementary Students
  1. Extra support in specific subjects
  2. Supplemental curriculum content
  3. Early acquisition of sound study habits and a love for learning
  4. Foundational skills to build confidence and set students up for success in high school, when pressure and complexity increase
High School Students
  1. Challenges in specific subjects
  2. Support in meeting a specific goal (GPA, honor roll, admission)
  3. Strong study habits and organizational skills that foster autonomous learning and self-discipline
  4. Complementary mentorship and targeted coaching through teenage years, to encourage overall well-being
  5. Preparation for college and university admissions process
Students with Disabilities
  1. Strategies for managing disabilities
  2. Tailored approach to teaching content and skills based on unique student and disability
  3. Referrals to specialized clinics and professionals, for formal assessment and/or additional support
  1. Report card follow-up and recommendations for support and enrichment
  2. Support and guidance on child’s learning & development plan
  3. Relationships with schools and teachers to increase effectiveness of tutoring and support
  4. Collaborations with industry experts to answer questions and provide guidance related to school selection, psycho-social development and overall wellness practices.
  1. Pre-exam crash courses
  2. ‘Live-in’ 1:1 support throughout the school day from dedicated subject matter experts and qualified teachers
  3. Filling talent gaps and supporting recruitment efforts
  4. Course Content development